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Can I Sell My House With A Lien?


First, what is a lien? A lien comes in many shapes and sizes, however, they all are related to your property. A lien is defined as a right to keep possession of property belonging to another person until a debt owed by that person is discharged.

Types Of Liens Include:

Property Tax Liens

Typically take priority over all other liens and mortgages. If unpaid, the government can force a sale of your property to pay for the unpaid property taxes.

IRS Tax Liens

Failure to pay back taxes can cause the IRS to place a lien on your property.

Mechanics or Contractor Liens

Contractors who have performed work on your property, and have not been paid, can file a lawsuit and place a lien on your property. In some states, they can force the sale of the house to expedite repayment.

Judgment Liens, Child Support, Alimony

Unsecured Creditors (credit card companies, personal loans, medical debt, etc) that successfully sue the debtor can place a judgment lien against a property.

There are a multitude of liens and situations out there. If you are in a situation where you have a lien against your property, YOU CAN STILL SELL THE PROPERTY!

We’ll Pay Off The Lien On Your House


At Summit All Cash, we have helped many homeowners in this very situation. All liens will be paid and cleared upon the sale of your property to Summit All Cash.

How you might ask? Summit All Cash works directly with Guardian Title Company. Guardian performs a thorough Title search to ensure that any and all existing judgments, liens or encumbrances are identified prior to closing.

Part of Guardian’s job at the closing table is to ensure ALL debts related to the property are paid in full. Once closing is complete, voila! All judgments and liens are paid in full.

Have a lien? Don’t sweat it. Summit All Cash will put money in your pocket and your troubles behind! Contact us today.

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