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Frequently Asked Questions

Find Peace of Mind Working with Summit All Cash to Sell Your House Fast

While we take every measure to make the selling process as easy as possible, selling a house can be overwhelming no matter what. We understand that, and have compiled a resource of frequently asked questions to simplify the process even more. But, if you have any questions beyond these listed below, please call us at (719) 394-3573 and our team members will gladly help guide you every step of the way.

Don't Stress the Sell - Let's Get You An Offer!

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Yes, we do. If you would like to request our proof of funds, please email us at service@summitallcash.com and we’ll email it to you directly. We take pride in being able to deliver on our promise to all our clients and buying your house immediately.

Cash Tip: There are many self-proclaimed homebuyers and investors out there that are making similar promises to buy your house, but they can’t cough up the cash. Only work with entities who can provide you their proof of funds.

Our local team of experienced field representatives can get to you on your schedule. We can be out there the same day, and depending on the location, as quickly as a few hours!

Cash Tip: There’s no need to be bashful. Show us all the upsides and downsides. We’ve seen just about everything! In fact, ask us and we’ll be ready with stories.

No way! Your confidential property assessment does not lock you into any contract. If you’re unhappy (we hope not!), feel you can get a better offer, or just want to explore your options, go for it. We’ll be here in case you change your mind!

Cash Tip: Don’t stress the sell or the steps leading up to it! Summit All Cash is here to help you make an informed decision that we hope you’ll feel confident making once you have the facts and a fair offer.

We buy all houses, in any condition! Visit our Sell My House page to learn more. Sell My House  page to learn more.

Cash Tip: When a buyer tells you they’ll buy your home AS-IS, make sure they mean it! These terms should always be covered in the contractual agreements between the seller and the buyer.

No matter where you are in the foreclosure process, Summit All Cash can still purchase your house. Our experience, expertise, and resources allow us to intervene even during the late stages of foreclosure so you can walk away with cash and prevent damage to your credit.

Cash Tip: Better late, than never. If you sell your house before foreclosure is finalized, it’s likely to not appear on your credit report. If you’re uncertain if you can still sell your house even though it’s in foreclosure, call us at (719) 394-3573 and we can look into your specific situation.

No way! We buy your house AS-IS and cover all the costs associated with the sale. There are no costs or commission for you.

Cash Tip: Find peace of mind. It may sound too good to be true, but it is reality. We are buying your house outright and you’re walking away with cash.

It depends. Summit All Cash can buy your house, but If you’re under contract with the realtor, paying a commission to the agent is often unavoidable.

Cash Tip: Selling your house without an agent in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas is the best avenue to selling fast and closing faster without the fees or hassle.

No, of course not. You are under no obligation to sell your house to Summit All Cash. We appreciate the opportunity to make an offer on your house. Until both parties execute the final paperwork and contracts, the offer is yours and comes without expiration.

We pride ourselves on being reputable home buyers, and earning your trust is our prerogative. We want to ensure we’re getting you the best offer for your house. All our offers are informed by the most recent supporting market data and taking into consideration the type of house, its condition, and surrounding area. Your comfort and confidence are our biggest gain.

Cash Tip: You have a right to ask to see the data. Whether you get an offer from Summit All Cash or another home buyer, we’ll provide you with the data used to inform the offer provided on your home.

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