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Relocating and Need to Sell Your Home?

Relocating to another region or state can be a stressful time, especially if you are a homeowner. Some companies will offer you a relocation package that may or may not include selling your current home for you. Typically, the more seniority you have, or the longer your tenure with the company, the more lucrative a relocation package can be. If you weren’t offered a house buyout as a part of your plan, don’t fret – you have options.

Relocation Research

Should your relocation company handle the sale of your property, make sure you know your contract and pinpoint any hurdles you may have to jump through. First, you should get a trusted real estate agent to provide you with an accurate comparative market analysis on your home to understand what a good value is for your home. Most relocation companies will require 2-3 appraisals or broker price opinions (BPO’s) before offering you the average of them. Once they have set their price, it is non-negotiable. Few relocation packages will offer you a bonus if you are able to sell your house to a buyer yourself.

Should you have several months before your relocation and your house is in good condition, you can consider listing it with a real estate agent. Not only do you have to keep your property clean and organized at all times, you also must be ready to leave at a moment’s notice when a showing is scheduled.

Repairs and Selling

If your house is not in pristine condition, consider the costs of making repairs to the property to get as close to full market value as possible. Once you have accepted an offer that you think is reasonable, most lenders can close in 30 days or less, after review of the buyer’s qualifications. Depending on the time of year and the overall health of the market, selling your house through a realtor can take anywhere from 30 days to 6 months! What happens if you haven’t sold your house and you have to leave? What happens if you cannot get qualified for a new home because your current house has not sold yet?

Don’t have time for appraisals, BPO’s, showings, or property repairs? Are you already relocated and working with the stress of selling your property looming over you?  Not to worry; Summit All Cash will schedule a no-obligation property assessment and provide a same-day all-cash offer. The long list of to-dos and the stress are not necessary! As a cash buyer, we can close in as little as 7 days. Summit All Cash takes care of closing costs, and there are no realtor fees!

Give us a call today at (719) 394-3573 or visit our website www.summitallcash.com to learn about the quickest way to sell your house when being relocated!

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